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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Love "Cinta pertama"

How can we forget?
the 1st one dat we kiz
or at least we hold their hand cuz 
it was so sweet

So hard to forget those thing we have..
It'z our 1st love..

I remember who's my 1st love
I was 13 when i met her
she was hot cheerleader of the school
all this breaking look wanna get to know her

First time we go out is like
the world belong to us
we had butterfly see the sky
bird singing out loud

I hold ur hand and then u look into my eyes
And I see the most beautiful smile

But it won't last long a thing is going wrong
Her family have to move you got to go along
we we're so sad
we cry(it'z hurt)
And I see the tears come from ur eyes..

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